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Stephen and Cadira are a husband and wife team whom both started their fitness journeys at different times in their lives.


Stephen began his fitness journey in high school as a football player and continued it when he joined the military. Cadira began her journey further down the line as an adult, employed as a full-time nurse, to eliminate stress.  Together, married with two children, they now continue their enthusiasm for fitness and healthy living together. Their passion for fitness has been contagious as their children, family and friends have all taken notice and joined in to develop a fit community.


This is how FamFit (short for Family Fitness) has come into existence. We believe an active lifestyle will promote optimum levels of creativity, productivity and overall happiness. Our goal is to instill a healthy mindset into our children with hopes that it will carry over into future generations, while bringing you along for the ride. It's never too late to begin this journey and it's never too early. We've started our children off young with the purpose of "Making Fitness Hereditary."  Now we are welcoming you to join our family dynamic.  

A Family that Lifts Together, Stays Together.

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